Joovuu X: Best Dash Cam, Reliable in Car & Action Cameras

Defend Yourself

Defend against car insurance fraud and false claims and show what REALLY happened.

Capture Bad Drivers

Defend yourself on the roads against bad drivers and their dangerous habits.

Eye Witness

No matter what you see or experience, the JooVuu X is the best eye witness on the market.

Quick Capture

When you’re moving quickly, you need to capture quickly. Recording at 1080 definition at 60 frames per second, every detail is captured.

Connected Camera

You can easily change your settings, download videos, and upload videos. The JooVuu X is the connected camera.

Timed Mode

Change seamlessly from day time to night time shooting, making sure you get the best video quality you can.

Necessary Security

Whatever you witness or experience whilst driving, you need irrefutable evidence to show the police and insurance companies every detail. The JooVuu X provides that.

Incredible Reliability

Our 10 step verification process means our cameras work when you need them to so they never let you down, even in the toughest most brutal situations.

Professional Support

If you have any questions, all of our support is based in the UK so we can answer your question quickly, thoroughly a and efficiently so you never lose any JooVuu X time.

You need irrefutable evidence. You need a JooVuu X.

Don’t just record what happened, SHOW what happened.

Show what happened with incredible HD video. The JooVuu X's video quality shows all the details however small in any situation.


We gave the JooVuu X to the experts and here's what they said...

James Morris

Technology Reviewer at Trusted Reviews

"The minuscule size of JooVuu X gives it plenty of appeal, it's the best camera around, and it’s not expensive either."

Jim Martin

Technology Editor at PC Advisor

"Image quality is great for the price,  and the timed mode switching is a real bonus. The JooVuu X does the best job around."

Ali Jennings

Founder of Camera Jabber

"An incredible camera, simplicity, and excellent image quality!"

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