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The JooVuu X is a company that treats you as family.

You're not just a sale. You're family. And nobody wants to let their family down -which is why we won't. We don't just release products, we're proud of what we do, and as such we always want to get it right, and 99% of the time, the product is incredible. When that 1% goes wrong we bring good ol' customer service to solve your problem.

Since 2013 we have been involved in the car and action camera world.

JooVuu X is made up of Dan (the founder) and Emma (Head of Chinese Operations).  Dan created the JooVuu X out of frustration of there being no decent reliable car camera on the market that just worked.  He brought Emma on board in 2014 and since then they have had a budding partnership in pushing JooVuu X beyond what they originally thought was possible.

The Important Ones

If you have any customer service problems just drop a message and we'll be glad to get them sorted for you.

Emma Xu

Head of Chinese Operations

Emma joined JooVuu in April 2014 and since then has become an instrumental part to JooVuu X. As Head of Chinese Operations Emma is involved in liaising with factories, sourcing products, helping customers, and solving any problems we may have in China. Emma has been involved in the car and action camera markets for 7 years and as such brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her.

Daniel Jaenicke

Director & Founder

Dan runs JooVuu X and it's UK operations. He knows the camera inside out, and has a real development plan to make the JooVuu X a well respected brand. He is trying to focus more on the development of the camera but still loves to help with customer service and make sure everything is perfect. You can often find Dan on he community forums as well.

Our Values are Our Brand


A product you will use, a product you need, but above all, a product that makes your life better.


When you buy a product you make an investment, and we want to give you a great return.


You're family. We always give you 'mates' rates and go that extra mile to any questions and fix problems.


Whether recording quality or the quality of our components, everything is the best.

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