Blog | JooVuu X Dash Camera - Part 2
On November 18th 2016, Daniel walked out onto stage in front of 450 people to tell them how great the JooVuu X. Nominated from hundreds of companies in the North of England, JooVuu X fought valiantly but ultimately did not win.  However, to be even on stage and in the same group as some of
Driving in winter can be dangerous, but if you follow these 5 Ways To Stay Protected Whilst Driving In Winter, you should increase your chances of staying safe. 1. Check your lights How often do you actually check your lights?  And we mean all of them (indicators, reversing light, dips, sides, braking lights and all

5 Reasons You Need A Dash Cam

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 by
We’ve all seen the crazy Russian and Chinese videos of people being outrageous. but these hilarious videos actually show the reasons you need a JooVuu X dash cam.  They protect you.  They let you defend yourself without dispute, and in today’s world of deceit, and bad drivers, you need that protection. 1. Insurance Fraud Car

NEW PC Program 2.0

Friday, 11 November 2016 by
Hello everyone! We’ve been incredibly hard at work – before the feedback survey and especially after it. The biggest thing to come out of the feedback was that the PC Program and manual were a nightmare – so we set out to solve this. We’ve updated the manual and we’ve made the PC Program far

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