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JooVuu X Dash Camera

Saving you money the second you install it.

The JooVuu X Dash Cam provides you the quality you need to reduce your insurance payouts.  Capture crystal clear sharp images showing every detail, making sure there is no room for dispute.  With the JooVuu X you do not need to worry about fighting insurance claims - simply view the video footage and show it to the insurance company.

The JooVuu X is the only camera with the quality that can be used to fight fraudulent insurance claims.  Developed in the UK you know you will get constant support and updates.

Incredible Image Quality

The JooVuu X uses a top of the range lens and image sensor, giving you incredible image quality for every single frame.

Built To Last

Unlike every other camera that will stop working after a few months, ours are built to last years. From the metal lens, to the camera structure, we make sure our camera lasts a long time.


No more bulky cameras, no more obstructed vision. Simple, sleek, powerful, discreet. Forget the camera is there until you need it.

The Best

Our customers love us. Our customers trust us. There is a reason we're a nominated Top 20 Tech Company.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of collisions, claims, and insurance payouts by recording irrefutable evidence. Helping you improve your bottom line.

Stay Protected

Protect yourself from over-claiming and fraudulent claims. Have simple, easy to use evidence that actively defends your fleet of vehicles.

Improve Driver Performance

With the JooVuu X Dash Camera drivers know there is no where to hide. 70% of drivers say the JooVuu X has improved their driving.

Know What Happened

No more guessing what happened, simply replay the video footage with stereo audio (optional) and find out exactly what happened.

How much could you save?

Take 10 seconds to see how much you could save your business with the JooVuu X Dash Cam!

Start being safer. Start saving money.

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