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JooVuu X Dash Cam

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 x JooVuu X (can choose between capacitor or battery)
  • 1 x Car Mount (can choose between: sticky back, suction cup, mini mount)
  • 1 x Car Charger Cable (can be upgraded to a GPS charger)
  • 1 x USB Data/Charging Cable
  • 1 x Visor Mount
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

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  • 8/10 Stars by WhatCar
  • 8/10 Stars by TrustedReviews
  • 8/10 Stars by PC Advisor
  • 8/10 Stars by Camera Jabber
  • Save money through car insurance discounts.
  • Protects you from fraudulent claims.
  • Defends against bad drivers.
  • Record in HD and 2.5k resolution.
  • Sharp, detailed, perfect videos.
  • Discreet size makes the X virtually invisible to see.
  • Built to be reliable whatever happens.
  • Made to be better than the competition.
  • UK developed, UK support, UK company.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free tracked shipping for every order
  • 12 months warranty

Image Quality Like No Other

HD Quality

Capture every detail how you remember it and with perfect colour reproduction the JooVuu X provides fantastic footage.

Capture It

From driving on the motorway to residential roads, we capture license plates, road signs and hard to see details with ease from distance.

Better is JooVuu X

Seamlessly transition from the best day time video settings to the best night time settings without ever lifting a finger.

Watch and Believe

Not convinced by our image quality? Look at the images, and the video. Too see the TRUE beauty, download the RAW clip by clicking here.

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8/10 Stars

PC Advisor

"As a dash cam, the JooVuu X does a great job, and is good value considering it has both GPS and Wi-Fi...Image quality is impressive and the timed mode switching is a real bonus."

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8/10 Stars

Camera Jabber

"As a straight action camera the JooVuu X has a great deal to offer....Footage quality is excellent and the small lens does a great job...the lack of any on camera screen isn’t an issue once you connect to the app and again supports the easy simplicity of use that sums up this camera."

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8/10 Stars

What Car

"The picture is produces is brilliantly clear, recording in 1080p at 60 frames per second as standard and the dash cam is easy to adjust"

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8/10 Stars

Trusted Reviews

"The minuscule size of JooVuu X gives it plenty of appeal, and it’s not expensive either... with great image quality, which is certainly good enough for reading number plates."

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Connect to your JooVuu X wherever you are and download videos and update settings!

7G Lens

High quality glass allows the JooVuu X to record crystal sharp images regardless of how light or dark it is.


Seamlessly automatically transition between the best settings for recording night and day time footage.

HD Capture

Defend yourself against fraudulent car insurance claims, whilst also capturing bad driving in HD video quality,

128gb Storage

Store up to 64hours of video so you can keep a complete archive of your journeys.


The JooVuu X has been strategically reinforced so the camera can withstand crashes and keep recording.

PC Program & iOS/Android Apps!

With dedicated PC Program and Apps, the JooVuu X excels at connectivity. Making sure our Apps and PC Program work for you, so you can enjoy the JooVuu X to the max.


The JooVuu X Apps allow you to instantly view video files, download videos to your phone, and change settings wherever you are instantly. No more struggling or worrying, just simplicity.

The PC Program allows you to connect to your JooVuu X via WiFi, play video back on the built in GPS Player, or update your settings. The PC Program acts as a one stop hub for all your JooVuu X needs.

£92.99 £69.99 Select optionsMORE INFO

Why Do You Need A JooVuu X?

The JooVuu X will help you more than you realise.


The JooVuu X Can Save You Money

With discounts of up to 15% the JooVuu X can save you money in your first year. If not over 5 years, you can save up £600! Get protected, stay defended, save money with the JooVuu X, giving you what you need.


The JooVuu X Makes You Drive Better

Customers who have a JooVuu X have responded that doing so has made them drive better. Not only that but they use it to check on how a daughter or son is driving as well to make sure they are driving safely.

The Benefits

Save yourself from fraudulent car insurance claims and capture bad driving so whatever may happen, you know you have the best witness you can have. 

How it works.

Simply mount the JooVuu X camera inside your car and record your journeys, providing you the best witness for any accidents that may occur.

30 Days Money Back

If you are not 110% happy with the JooVuu X within 30 days you can return everything to us for a complete refund.  No questions asked.

Full Specifications

All features and all hardware specifications.

  • Ambarella A7 Chip
  • 7G Lens
  • OmnVision Sensor
  • 128gb MicroSD cards supported*
  • Stereo-microphone
  • Mini USB plug
  • Tripod screw thread installed
  • Record button
  • Mode/WiFi button
  • On/Off/Lock File
  • Battery (must be selected at checkout) 660mAh - between 60-90 minutes of recording time.
  • 2560P 30fps
  • 2304P 30fps
  • 1080P 60/30fps/HDR
  • 720P 60/30fps
  • Sync date and time
  • Beep Noises (on/off)
  • Recording LED Indicator (on/off)
  • Default Mode Camera Starts (mode 1, mode 2)
  • Standby Time (off, 1, 3, 5minutes)
  • Power Off Disconnect (immediate, 3, 10seconds)
  • Motion Detection (on/off)
    • Motion Detection Sensitivity (low, medium, high)
    • Motion Turn Off (off, 5seconds)
  • TV Out (PAL, NTSC)
  • G-Sensor (on/off)
    • G-Sensor Sensitivity (low, medium, high)
  • Car Plate Stamp (on/off – up to 10 characters can be entered)
  • WiFi Password (changeable)
  • Speed Stamp (on/off)
    • Speed Stamp Unit (mph, kph)
  • Timed Mode (on, off)
    • Start Time
    • End Time
  • Power On Delay (off, 5seconds, 10 seconds)
  • Low Battery Warning (on/off)
  • Show Connection Logs (on/off)
  • Video Resolutions (listed above)
  • Audio (on/off)
  • Video Time Stamp (on/off)
  • Image Rotation (normal, 180, auto)
  • Loop Recording (on/off)
    • Video Clip Length (1, 2, 3, 5, 10minus, continuous)
  • Video Bit Rates (high, medium, low)
  • WDR (on/off)
  • Field of View (155, 120, 90, 60degrees)
  • Time Lapse Video (off, 1, 5, 10, 30seconds)

White Balance Settings (Global Settings)

  • Exposure (40 choices)
  • Sharpness (6 choices)
  • Contrast (254 choices)
  • Saturation (254 choices)
  • White Balance: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy

Other Functions

  • Format MicroSD Card
  • Send Report
  • App Version
  • Firmware Version

£92.99 £69.99 Select optionsMORE INFO

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